Welcome to Joshi Wadewale Pune,Maharashtra ,INDIA.

Joshi Wadewale is the fast-food-chain of outlets serving  Hot  Wada-Pav's  and other delcious dishes in Pune.   Maharashtra , India. Joshi's r synonymous with' Wada-Pav' and is known as Mac'Donald's of Pune. 

Quality of  Wada-Pav and other dishes is  well  maintained  by dedicated staff who prepare and serve Wada-Pav  with customer oriented philosophy , faith & involvement with utmost heyigne , cleanliness.

Wada-Pav  is allways served Kadaii-Frsh (Garama-garam) with some Green-Fried Chillies and Chutni(red-mirch-fried-in-oil). 

This activity starts Six'0 clock in the  early morning and available till 12 in the mid-night. Serving thousands on    move and on road. You can find Joshi-Wadewale Branch somewhere near u r @the moment . Wada-Pav is prepared continiously. Every five miniutes New Batch of Wada-Pav's  is ready for customers !

Wada-Pav is a healthy and delicious  snacks with potato and bread combined together and  oil  makes is solid and soft !! It gives a satisfaction ! This particular dish is well suits the mood of every hour of the day-n-night. You can eat and enjoy Wada-Pav 24 hours of the day in all seasons of the year.!  

Along with Wada-Pav Joshi's serve u Sabudana-Wada, Bhaji (Pakoda)  Batata(Potato) Bhaji ,   Palak (Spinach) Bhaji , Kanada(Onion)-Bhaji too!!

As well as traditional Maharashtrian  Nashta(Breakfast ) like Kanda-Pohe , Shira , Misal . South Indian Upama , Idli Sambar etc.  

For lunch Veg-Pulav is aslo available . You can get  Buttered Milk , Curd and Tea @Joshi's.

Created by Shivaji Somavanshi , +91-9370867757
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